A Marvel-lous Wedding Cake!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

I'm currently performing a deep clean of the spare bedroom (AKA the cat's room) ready for my maid of honour, who is coming to visit with her kids this weekend. Saturday is the day we'll be telling her eight year old daughter that she is to be our bridesmaid, and her eight year old son that he's going to be up at the front with my fiancé, who he absolutely idolises. I can't wait. Before they arrive, I plan on making this cheesecake for us all to share, and on making this hell hole of a guest room habitable. It's a big task, which is why I'm taking a wee break to share some wacky/wonderful cakes with you. Starting with Sarah (MOH)'s personal favourite: a marvel cake. How cool is that???

I can't remember exactly where we found this, but do know it's at Rivington Hall Barn. Credit will be added if anyone lets me know where this pic came from! What I do know for sure is this: I'll be making sure Sarah's wedding cake is a nod to this one when her time comes.

Some more great cakes:

This genuine 'cheese cake.' There was one at a wedding we attended last year. It was as good as it looks (source)

A fun 'dripping paint' cake (source)

An absolute green dream from Manchester bakery, The Frostery (source)

One for the flower fans, from another Manchester bakery, Slattery (source)

And my personal favourite, a cat cake (source). Meow.

Right, back to work...


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