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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I don't know about you, but table planning fills me with dread. Where will I sit the relative that shunned us at a recent formal event, but who everyone expects to be up at the front? (By the toilets, pref.) Where will I put the add on we felt we had to invite but didn't expect a yes from? What if no-one RSVPs 'attending' whatsoever, and we're left with empty tables? Oy with the poodles already.

Something that has made this task less daunting is the purchase of placeholder names that double as favours, that double as Instagram fodder. Win-win-win. Recommended to us (and by us I mean me and my maid of honour, the groom has no part in this) by a venue dresser, these little wooden miracles are laser cut to order and better yet, they're not particularly expensive. On the website right now, the placeholder/favours are listed as £1.20 each, with a 50% off discount code bringing them down to just 60p per person. And the very best part? You can buy them now using the code, and fill in the details much later when your guest list is 100% confirmed. How thrifty & nifty is that?

The code: confetti50*
The website: VM Bespoke
The overall feeling you get when purchasing this multi-tasking little budget saver: Quite smug, actually

*valid at time of publishing


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