A Royal Wedding!!!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I am a huge royalist. Big, fat, HUGE - no exaggeration. I'm the person friends call to say 'have you heard such and such about such and such minor royal,' and the person that will reply with something along the lines of 'yes but did you know x x and x and OH MY GOD HOW EXCITING IS THIS!!!'

It is exciting, guys, royal news is always exciting.

With this in mind, you can probably imagine the state of both my Twitter feed and my entire being when Prince Harry (my first and most enduring crush - love a ginger) announced his engagement to the magnificent Meghan Markle - actress, activist, lifestyle blogger.

Although I felt a little sceptical following further reading (why must Meghan give up her career, her chosen charities, her nationality? What kind of message is that going to send to the little girls that look up to princesses?) this picture from their engagement shoot melted my heart, as did this video. The feminist issues at play within the arrangement do make my mouth turn down at the corners, but they look so happy, but feminism, but Harry is worth it, but... Etc.

Either way, I have blocked out the May 19th in my diary, and will be glued to my TV with my phone turned off.

Can't wait to see what she wears.


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