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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I've never been someone that was into weddings. At all. I didn't dream of the dress, or the church (not getting married in a church, so good job really), or anything, really, except maybe the food. I like a good meal. Especially one with gravy.

This January, everything changed. After 10 months of being engaged, my fiancé and I decided to just go for it, and book a venue. After dabbling with the idea of eloping to Tuscany - an idea I still dream about, truth be told - we went to an open night at a nearby barn, and booked ourselves in for August this year.

I recruited the best maid of honour of all time, had a meltdown, made a to do list following said meltdown, and then became completely and utterly obsessed with the world of weddings. I even briefly considered a career change to 'wedding planner.' Decision pending.

For now, I need an outlet for all of the wedding buzzwords et al running at a million miles an hour around my brain. So... here we are! Let's talk weddings!! xx


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