Bridezilla Thoughts That 100% Happen To All Of Us

Friday, 2 March 2018

1/ Why didn't 'x' run his/her outfit by me before buying? What colour is it? Is it white? No but seriously, is it anything close to white? Because if it is I'll scream

2/ Why is 'x' trying to steal my thunder? I knew this would happen. I bloody knew it. Is it OK to exclude them from a key moment to let them know whose boss? I don't care if it's not OK, I'm doing it. It's done.

3/ What do they mean they can't come? Don't they know this is the biggest day of OUR LIVES? Oh they already made plans, did they? Have they not heard of a RAIN CHECK???

4/ Can I invite an entire family within the family and exclude that one annoying cousin I CBA with? I can, can't I? It's worth the inevitable rift, isn't it? 

6/ How dare they question my colour scheme/ choice in cake/ decor ideas. I'll kill them. I'm not joking. I am a woman on the edge.

7/ Can I choose the groomal party as well as the bridal party?

8/ If he keeps referring to our wedding as a party, he won't be getting an invite (...sneaky Friends reference there. My fiancé has not done this, he's smarter than that)

And I'm not even that stressed about wedding planning (I'm actually so relaxed my maid of honour keeps asking why I'm not more worked up). I can't imagine what the actual bridezillas are going through. Six months to go!

Photo by Connor Wells on Unsplash


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